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Welcome to the Cook2DIAbeat project!
This innovative Erasmus+ KA2 project aims to find a synergy between Nutrition, Medicine and Gastronomy for the benefit of patients with diabetes.

Cook2DIAbeat will harness the power of culinary medicine to empower people with Type 2 Diabetes to control their condition.

Through our online education programme, we will teach people how to prepare food in order to better manage their diabetes, in an accessible way that is adapted to any socioeconomic condition.

Cook2DIAbeat project will be a game-changer with its holistic, nutrition-based approach engaging people with diabetes, their families and health care providers to face diabetes in a healthy and sustainable way.

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Type 2 diabetes rose globally in 2019 to be the 5th cause of death from the 10th position in 1990.

According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), 59 million adults are living with diabetes in European region and a 15% increase is estimated by 2045.

Moreover, the global direct health care costs of diabetes and its related complications was estimated to be 795-1404 billion dollars in 2015 and is expected to increase to 997-1788 billion dollars in 2040 (IDF 2019).

Intervention based on lifestyle modifications may have a substantial risk reduction associated with diabetes and nutrition education is a cornerstone of healthy lifestyle.

Culinary medicine is an evolving evidence-based field that blends the art of preparing, cooking, and presenting food with the science of medicine to achieve desired health outcomes.

Home cooking is an excellent diabetes self-management strategy to improve nutrition quality intake and glycemic control in patients with diabetes.

Cook2DIAbeat aims to develop a nutrition education program tailor made for people with diabetes, adapted to any socioeconomic or educational status.



Creation of a training curriculum for adequate provision of healthy nutrition guidance for patients with diabetes and their families.


Provide cooking skills to achieve sustainable dietary changes and prevention of disease progression.


Create new upskilling pathways to sufficiently increase nutrition literacy.


Empower the choice of sustainable foods and cooking methods through adequate education, well-integrated in an e-learning platform.

Project Results


Co-created Cook2DIAbeat methodology guide for a tailor-made nutrition education program for people with diabetes.


Development, validation and proof-of-concept of Cook2DIAbeat training.


Cook2DIAbeat e-learning platform.

Target Groups

People with diabetes and their families.

Health care providers & policy makers.